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Pro Phos 0-20-0 3.5gal | Ferticell | RMBA

Pro Phos 0-20-0 is an organic liquid phosphorous fertilizer. Through Ferticell's microionization process, the phosphate in Pro Phos 0-20-0 is easily absorbed into the soil where it can be mineralized by soil microbes into bio available form.

Phosphorous is the second most needed nutrient for plants. Available only from mineral sources, it often requires a great deal of energy for plants to convert phosphorous to a plant available form. Ferticell's production process creates very small, consistently sized particulates for even distribution throughout the root zone, and translocation across the field. The small size maximizes surface area so plants and soil microbes can more efficiently use this needed nutrient.

Advantages to Pro Phos™ 0-20-0?
• Organic Phosphorous derived from mineral sources
• Does not contain limiting nutrients or detrimental salts
• Easily mineralized due to high surface area
• Micronized liquid suspension for ease of use
• Mechanically formed to less than one-micron size for optimal surface area and mineral uptake

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