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MicroBIOMETER Living Organic Soil Tester


Utilizing a smart phone camera and the exclusive app, The microBIOMETER® accurately measures the amount of microbes less than 100 μm in size. This tool is effective when used with soil, compost, compost teas, and microbial inoculants.
Is your soil living or dead?

This is the biggest question gardeners and farmers should ask when: trying to convert soils from conventional practices to organic; or to make sure that already certified organic soils are teaming with microbes and life! Improving soil health is essential to increasing crop output. The importance of soil microbes and living organic soil is, perhaps, the most important factor for growing nutrient dense organic fruits and vegetables! The home gardener or professional farmer is now able to test soil for these mighty unseen giants right on the farm or backyard garden using the microBIOMETER®! The microBIOMETER® allows any grower to accurately estimate the microbial biomass in their soil! All at a fraction of the cost of lab-processed soil food web testing. The best part: results are read in the palm of your hand on any iPhone or Android device. Soil test data is stored and made available on the cloud for access across all of your devices.

Soil microbes (primarily bacteria and fungi) form the basis of the soil food web, the symbiotic interactions of soil microbes, plants, and inorganic soil components. The best indicator of soil fertility is simply the microbial biomass within the soil food web. Nutritionally stressed or challenged soils have low microbial populations. These soils require remediation focusing on building soil health, specifically, increasing microbial populations. Microbial populations are directly correlated with nutritional levels in soil, biotic fertilizers, compost, compost teas, and microbial inoculants. Soils with health levels of microorganisms more efficiently uptake nutrients, have better physical structure (resisting erosion), allow plants to more efficiently uptake water, and produce healthier crops.

With a microBIOMETER® in hand, any grower can capture the data needed to scientifically monitor soil health and correlate microbial biomass with increasing soil fertility and production outcomes! Please join us in revolutionizing how growers manage soils and scientifically measure the microbial parameters that ensure growing success!
•    Only rapid microbial biomass test available
•    Fast, easy, and affordable
•    Track your soil fertility
•    Improve your results
•    10 extraction vials
•    1 10-sample test card for analyzing soil samples with the app
•    1 whisker
•    1 soil sifter
•    1 soil sampler
•    1 capped measurer
•    10 disposable pipettes
•    10 packets of extraction powder
•    Download the microBIOMETER® app from the App store-Apple, or Google Play-Android
There are more microbes in a handful of living soil than there are humans on this planet. Infinitely small yet enormously important, microbes are the fundamental key to soil health and fertility. Have you measured yours recently?

Easy to use. Results in Minutes.

Reliable microbial biomass tests have been cumbersome, slow, and expensive lab procedures. We are here to change this with the patented microBIOMETER®. Out test only takes around 10 minutes to perform, yet accuracy is on par with lab tests costing 10 times as much.

•    MIX - Mix sifted soil for 30 seconds in our reagent solution then let it settle for 10 minutes.

•    DROP - Place three (3) drops on the test card.

•    SCAN - Scan the card with your smart phone microBIOMETER® app. Results are archived and accessible in the cloud.

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