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Unlock the secret to flourishing, vibrant plants with Liquid Humic Acid for Plants from Rocky Mountain BioAg®. Humic acid is a natural powerhouse that is a must-have for any gardening enthusiast. Our Liquid Humic Acid is derived from a deposit of ancient plant material in New Mexico, ensuring the highest-quality product for your outdoor space.

If you have issues with acidic water, humic acid for your plants is the answer. Humic acids are water soluble at acidic pH levels, helping plants through many different stages of growth. The building blocks that plants use to encourage cell growth can be provided by this unique Liquid Humic Acid solution. Additionally, it will help enhance soil structure and nutrient absorption in many environments.

This essential chelator, or material that makes nutrients more available to plants, is easy to use and will yield impressive results in no time. By enhancing soil aeration, water retention, and microbial activity, Liquid Humic Acid creates a hospitable environment for any plant type. Supercharge your plant health with a bottle of Liquid Humic Acid for Plants from Rocky Mountain BioAg® today.

Product Benefits

  • Increases water retention capabilities
  • Supports plants through environmental stressors
  • Derived from 100% natural deposits
  • Easy-to-use liquid can be spread instantly

Product Application Rates

1 tsp = 5 mL • 1 tbsp = 15 mL

Container Plants:
20 – 30 mL/gal
Garden & Compost Tea:
10 – 30 mL/gal 
10 – 30 mL/gal
Foliar Sprays:
15 – 20 mL/gal
Seed Activation:
Soak for 24 hours 35 mL/gal
Spray unrooted clones with 20 mL/gal every 2 days then water with 30 mL/gal once roots have initiated.
1 - 3 gallons per acre as a foliar application, 2-3 times per growing season recommended for row crops and forages. Plants need to be just past the seedling stage - about 25% coverage of the ground before the first application. Second application is usually just before flowering, or just before the onset of the reproductive stage of the crop. The third application would be early in the grain fill or fruit/vegetable sizing stage.  1/2 - 2 gallons per acre as a starter in furrow, in the row or side dressing.  Also a great seed treatment product.


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This has been the best pumice i have ever used!!! Besides the great customer service (*****)

Ricardo S

McAllen, TX


Rocky Mountain BioAg has the best customer service! Prompt delivery and product support. Thanks !

Joe B

South Kingstown, RI


I have a greenhouse that unfortunately does not get the ideal sunlight due to its location on the north side of my home. I have been using Rocky Mountain BioAg’s Quantum Growth Organic Total for over a year and have seen a dramatic increase in plant growth and vegetable yield compared to past years. Highly recommend the product.

Jack C

Sarasota, FL


Excellent customer service, quick response, fast turnover and shipment of merchandise and product was exactly what was described on website and what I wanted. Great Company!

Jessica S

Harrisonburg, VA