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Liquid Bone Meal | RMBA

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*32 oz RMBA Liquid Bone Meal includes free shipping!*

RMBA Liquid Bone Meal is a reliable source of both phosphorous and calcium. Phosphorous is one of the primary nutrients for plants, and is essential for the early production of healthy roots and bloom development. Available phosphorous increases flower, fruit, vegetable, and grain production. Made of miocronized material, RMBA Liquid Bone meal contains both slow-release and fast-acting phosphates. Use RMBA Liquid Bone Meal throughout the growing season.

  • Provides essential nutrients for metabolic functions, cell structure and flower formation
  • Readily available source of phosphorus and calcium
  • Increases flower, fruit, seed and vegetable production
  • Contains micronized bone phosphate allowing fast and slow release
  • Use at planting, transplanting or on established plants
  • Boosts root development
  • Use throughout growing season

*Compare to Down To Earth™ Liquid Bone Meal 0-12-0*

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