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Hozon Brass Siphon Mixer



Brass Siphon Mixer

  • EASY TO USE, Hozon needs 35 p.s.i of water flow minimum to work porperly!
  • Accurately apply soluble/liquid fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides etc. through a standard garden hose, built in backflow preventer
  • Designed for small scale growers, great for greenhouses, turf, landscape and garden 
  • Made in the USA from heavyweight brass and rubber, sturdy and durable, compact for easy storage
  • 1 Gallon of concentrate is dispensed in 3 to 5 minutes depending on diameter of garden hose and flow rate

A time-tested, accurate proportioning device designed for small scale growers for the dispensing of soluble/liquid fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides etc. through a standard garden hose.

The Hozon Siphon Mixer proportions at the rate of 1 gallon of concentrate to 16 gallons of water (1:16), 8 ounces of concentrate per 1 gallon / 128 ounces of water (8:128).


Hozon Brass Siphon Mixer In Operation



Hozon hook up when using 50' of standard garden hose.


Mixing Instructions:
The Hozon proportions at 1:16, under normal conditions the concentrated solution should be made at 16 times the recommended rate.

If a fertilizer recommendation is 2 TBSP per gallon for hand watering, you would make the solution at a rate 16 time greater than the 2 TBSP rate (i.e. 16 x 2 = 32), so 32 TBSP per gallon would be the concentrated rate. When mixed with water from the hose, the solution will come out the hose end at the recommended rate of 2 TBSP per gallon. The Hozon will draw one gallon of concentrate in three to five minutes and this will be mixed with approximately 12 to 18 parts of water through the hose, depending on the flow rate. A larger diameter hose, i.e. 5/8” instead of 1/2”, will give a larger flow rate. Excessive back-pressure will cause the siphon to stop drawing. Adjustable nozzles should not be used or should be wide open for best results.

Operating Instructions:
Connect the siphon mixer to outdoor faucet. Connect a hose of no longer than 50 feet to the siphon. The siphon works best with a completely open nozzle and when no kinks or leaks are present in your hose. Drop the spring end of the suction tube in the bucket of concentrated solution with the other end connected to the siphon.

Turn the water completely on. With average pressure you should get one gallon of concentrate drawn through the hose in about five minutes of time. The backflow should prevent any concentrate from getting into the fresh water supply. For added protection, turn off the faucet when not using the siphon mixer, otherwise some dripping will occur. Turning off the faucet when not watering will help eliminate this problem.

If the hose is partially clogged, crimped, or connected to a device that is too restrictive of water flow, the siphon may not draw up the concentrated solution. Remove the restriction to overcome the problem.

Care and Cleaning:
Put clean water in the fertilizer bucket and run through the siphon to clean excess concentrate solution out of siphon. This will keep the siphon clean and accurate.

Hozon worked last year, but it doesn’t this year and the set up is exactly the same.

Pull the black siphon tube off the Hozon. Place the Hozon into a container of vinegar overnight, rinse and use as normal.

Do not drink from a hose that has had fertilizer or other concentrates applied through them! When not in use for an extended period of time, detach Hozon from faucet.

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