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Excelerite is broad-spectrum bio-available trace elements, minerals, and nutrients that are absolutely necessary for the well-being of soil, microbes, animals, and humans.  The primary function of Excelerite is to provide the necessary minerals and trace elements that stimulate microbe proliferation and provide nutrient density to all plants and their produce. Excelerite is a 100% natural product without fillers or additives and is OMRI listed. The essential minerals found in Excelerite can help improve germination, root formation, plant growth, and yield, providing better tasting nutrient-dense produce. Healthy soils mean healthy plants, animals, and humans! The diverse mineral and micro-nutrient complexes found naturally in Excelerite support healthy microorganisms, maximizing a soil’s fertility and biological health. Unlike most other trace minerals and rock dust supplements, Excelerite is not crushed, blended, or modified in any manner from its natural composition and original potency. So rest assured, this powerful organic soil amendment comes to you just as mother nature, over tens of millions of years, has created it.

  • 100% natural product without fillers or additives OMRI listed.
  • One of nature's finest bio-available broad spectrum micro-nutrient complexes - directly from the Panaca Source (ancient lake bed) to your fields, gardens and grows
  • Naturally chelated minerals translate to enhanced bio-availability to feed soil biology and serve the health of plants, animals, and humans
  • A rich combination of diverse bio-available chelated trace elements, minerals & nutrients delivers growers a mineral supplement of rare potency
  • Broad-spectrum of highly bio-available minerals, nutrients, and trace elements supportive of optimum plant and soil fertility

• 1 Cup = Approximately ¾ Pound •

Bulk Applications:
Apply 500 – 1000 lbs. per acre every other year. Excelerite is most efficient if incorporated into the soil immediately after application 2” – 4”.

Fertilizer / Compost Additive:
Add 2% and no more than 5% of the total amount of compost or fertilizer used. Mix thoroughly with compost or fertilizer and apply as usual. When adding to compost or fertilizer take into account the increased efficiency of your compost and fertilizer when adding Excelerite. 

Established Turf Grass:
Apply as a top dressing for fairways, rough, lawns, greens, landscapes, or on any established grass. Apply 25 lbs. of minerals per 1,000 square feet in the spring.

Starter or Grow-Ins:
Apply 25 lbs. of minerals per 1,000 sq. ft. Till or rake into the top 2” – 4” after surface spreading.

Ornamentals and Raised Beds:
Apply 1 lb. (Approximately 1 1/3 cups) per 40 sq. ft. Work into the soil 2” – 4” prior to placing flowers or ornamentals. Repeat application in the spring.

Up to Two Gallon ¼ cup, Five Gallon ¾ cup, Fifteen Gallon 2 ¼ cups, 24" Root Ball 4 ½ cups, 36" Root Ball 6 ¾ cups, 48” Root Ball 9 cups.

Base Potting Soil:
Mix 1-2 Cups (.75 – 1.5 lbs.) per cubic foot base potting soil.

1 Teaspoon per inch of pot size. Apply as often as necessary.

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