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Gypsum as an Agricultural Amendment

Gypsum Home and Garden lawn care Prevents Runnoff Soil Compaction Soil Drainage

Gypsum as an Agricultural Amendment

Gypsum - a Useful Agricultural Mineral: Gypsum, often called Plaster of Paris, is a naturally occurring mineral comprised of calcium ions (Ca 2+), sulfate ions (SO4 2-), and water molecules (H2O). Gypsum deposits form over time as calcium sulfate salts settle in seawater. Gypsum is very soft, and is used to define 2 on the MOS hardness scale. Deposits occur naturally all over the world, with the US being the largest producer of naturally mined gypsum. Gypsum can also be obtained as the byproduct of industrial processes. The two most common sources of man made gypsum comes from sulfur capture...

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