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FiNALSAN | A safe glyphosate alternative | RMBA

Finalsan Glyphosate Alternative Round up alternative

FiNALSAN | A safe glyphosate alternative | RMBA

Conventional herbicides are incredibly effective. They are also highly toxic to humans, animals, and the microorganisms that make soil healthy. The most common non-selective (kills all types of plants) herbicide is glyphosate, the active ingredient in Round Up. Across the world, the dangers of glyphosate are being acknowledged, most herbicides are switching to a nearly identical compound that may have the same issues. Since the dangers of conventional herbicides are well documented, organic alternatives are increasingly attractive. FiNALSAN is a highly effective, non-persistent, all natural,  incredibly efficient, OMRI listed weed killer. Finalsan works, it kills and suppresses many common annual,...

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